Sr. Description
1 Next Level Racing (Cockpit and Mat)
2 Next Level Racing (Monitor Stand + Desktop Base)
3 Fanatec (Steering wheel + Wheelbase + Pedals)
4 i-Hawk tower system containing two 3.4 GHz Xeon Gold 6128 115W 6-Core CPUs w/19.25 MB cache, 96 GB memory 2666 MHz, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 serial port/header, 4 USB ports, 6 PCIe slots - 1 unused (4 x16 3.0, 2 x8), 14 SATA ports, M.2 port, IPMI, AST2500 on-board graphics, C621 chipset PS, one 1 TB 7.2K SATA drive, non-RAID configuration, USB keyboard and optical mouse, Mid tower SATA chassis (16.7 H x 7.6" W x 20.68" D), 1200W power supply, 4 1-in. drive bays, DVD+-RW (+-R DL) / DVD-RAM SATA drive, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti w/11 GB memory graphics card, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti w/11 GB memory 2nd graphics card, 64-bit Red Hawk Linux real-time OS with CentOS distribution, Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module PCIe card (RCIM III)

Automated Driving


Autonomous vehicle lab consists of a virtual test drive vehicle setup which helps students to learn creation of detailed road and rail networks with multiple lanes as per requirement, design various types of intersections as well as signaling system by exporting the required data from single source and create 3d models. Students from different disciplines of engineering can learn the configuration, simulation, and customization virtual worlds. Students will gain exposure to various MSC’s tools to face challenges in development and validation of driver assist system to fully autonomous vehicles.



This toolkit is an automated, lab based tool useful to create, configure, present and evaluate the virtual environment providing scope for repeatable and realistic like in-lab testing of different road conditions and traffic simulations.Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS),which is an electronic system that the driver to drive and park vehicle, can be developed with by using VTD toolkit. VTD can also be used for developing automated driving systems.
VTD provides scope to generate 3D content, simulate complex traffic scenario, and simulate simplified or physically driven sensors.


The data collected from the field is used to design road network and traffic simulations. Road networks are designed using Road Network Editor (ROD) which includes number of lanes, different types of intersections, traffic signs and signals.


ADAS is an electronic system beneficial from road safety point of view. It helps drivers to drive and park vehicles safely. It uses different electronic technologies like Micro controller units (MCU), Power semiconductor devices and electronic control units to avoid human errors and develop advanced driver assistance system. This technology helps in avoiding vehicle collisions and control road accidents.


  • Aerospace and Defense - trainers and simulators, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Automotive - driver assist systems, vehicle to vehicle interactions, traffic simulation, autonomous vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment - agricultural and mining equipment, trucks
  • Government - intelligent highways, vehicle to infrastructure interactions, standards and certification


  • Testing of vehicle in different environment like road conditions, traffic situations.
  • Design 3D models of road networks and traffic simulations.
  • Developing next generation vehicles
  • Design Sensors, Controllers etc.
  • Looping of hardware drivers, driving simulators and software components.
  • Create, configure, visualize complete virtual environments using VTD
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)

Endress+Hauser Lab

Flow Measuring Technology For Liquids, Gases And Steam

Endress+Hauser support us with the state-of-the-art flow meters of high quality. From the communication capable single measuring point to the complete solution for higher-level control systems. Together with automated process control and state-of-the-art communication interfaces (fieldbus systems), flow metering has advanced into more and more new fields of application in recent years. Like Totalizing, displaying, recording – Monitoring, controlling, balancing, Dosing, filling and fueling, Concentration measurement in two-phase fluids – In-line viscosity measurement – Condition monitoring and verification. The project documents assist you and your students when working with the system and provide all relevant information for self-contained learning and action-based training.


Process monitoring is becoming more demanding and the need for maximum product quality is steadily increasing. This is why Endress+Hauser continue to provide industry specific flow measurement solutions optimized for future technology requirements.
The new generation of our Proline flow meters is based on a uniform device concept. This means time and cost savings, as well as maximum safety over the entire plant life cycle.
Perfect integration Proline can be integrated seamlessly into your plant asset management, providing reliable information for optimizing production and business processes.
Innovative and proven in use Proline is based on a versatile, continually updated technology concept, guaranteeing that you are always implementing state-of-the-art technology.
Ingeniously simple Proline is user-friendly through and through, ensuring that your process can be securely controlled with confidence.


The Mechatronics system consists of 3 base plates (T-slotted AL-profile plates) which are equipped with the following Mechatronics functional units:
2 Pneumatic Service Units, 2 Magazine Units, Belt Conveyor, Sorting Unit (for material testing and sorting), Handling Unit with vacuum suction, Pneumatic Press, ASRS with rack feeder. The Mechatronics system is controlled by two SIMATIC S7-1516-3 PN/DP programmable logic controllers (PLC) and two SIMATIC TP700 Comfort HMI color touch panels. Both PLCs are connected via ProfiNet. The ProfiBus interface on board the PLCs may be alternatively used to teach and evaluate ProfiBus communication instead ProfiNet.
With little effort the system can be separated mechanically and electrically in two segments. Both controls work independently and each control takes care only of the connected system part. Detailed information regarding the used and above mentioned functional units are available on our web sites. The Mechatronics system is provided fully assembled, programmed, tested and ready to use.
The PLC program is written in SIMATIC STEP 7. All comments within the PLC program are in English, as well as the documentation belonging to the complete system.


  • Density measurement of extracted raw materials in water mixtures
  • Determination of solid content in concentrators and in settling and clarifying pools
  • Density determination of slurries for disposal
  • Level, flow, Pressure and Temperature measurement of fluids and gases
  • Analytics and Data acquisition


Primary power supply: AC100to230V,DC24V(Zone1,Div.1);AC/DC24to230V(Zone2,Div2,Non-Ex) Display: 4-linebacklitdisplaywithTouchControl Ambienttemperature: Standard: -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F) Outputs and Inputs Communication: HART (4-20mA),PROFIBUS PA/DP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP,PROFINET



Assembly unit consist of different flow meters.

  • Promass F200 (Coriolis)
  • Promag P200 (Electromagnetic)
  • Prowirl F200 (Vortex)
  • Prosonic Flow 92F (Ultrasonic)
  • T-mass A/B 150 (Thermal)

These flow meters are made up of Efficient two wire loop powered technology. Which help us to increase our operational reliability and reduce costs for planning, purchasing and operation. Due to this following advantages were obtained:

  • High operational safety and safe device access in Ex areas due to intrinsically safe design
  • Reduced costs for installation and wiring
  • Developed for SIL 2/3 applications according to IEC 61508 – suitable for use in safety instrumented systems
  • Seamless system integration into existing infrastructures
  • Common installation practice
  • Uniform operation, components, data management, etc.


  • Promass F200 (Coriolis): A flow meter for gases and liquids with highest measurement performance in a wide range of applications. This consists of a rated sensor housing, purge connections and rupture disks. The wetted parts of it are made of chemically resistant materials.
  • Promag P 200 (Electromagnetic): A robust flow meter used for corrosive liquids and high medium temperature. Which have a free pipe cross-section without pressure loss.
  • Prowirl F 200 (Vortex): A flow meter specially designed for steam. This having high resistance to vibrations, temperature, shocks and water hammer.
  • Prosonic Flow 92F (Ultrasonic): In- line ultrasonic flow meter for homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids. Also have a free pipe cross-section without pressure loss.
  • T-mass A/B/150 (Thermal): Flow meter for utility gases. Which help us for leakage detection in gas networks or in-house consumption accountancy of compressed air, CO2, nitrogen or argon. In this flow meter simultaneous measurement of mass flow, corrected volume flow, FAD volume flow and temperature can be done. In this inline version (A) as well as insertion version (B) for pipes and rectangular ducts is provided.